1050mW Full Colour Show Laser

Suited to medium venues, our 1.05w Colour Laser Systems are capable of spectacular mid air effects, text and animated graphics in full colour, including deep rich blues that are often lacking in show lasers.

1050mW (1.05 Watt) Total Output

Red 640nm>350mw, Green 532nm>350mw, Blue 445nm>350mw

Modulation Speed: 10KHz Analogue Modulation



Scanner speed: ILDA  
( 40Kpps,+/-25 deg)
X/Y Scan Angle max: 70° optical
Beam Properties:. Green & Blue 3mm/1mrad, Red 4mm/1.5mrad
Operational Modes:
Music Activated,
Auto, (Master/Slave)
DMX512  (24ch) ,
ILDA 25pin (Pangolin etc)   

Size: L450 x W280 x H150mm   
Weight: 12kg    
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA  

$400 per day ex GST