Robe Scan 250XT

 The Scan 250 XT is ideal for all clubs, discotheque or pub applications where an element of colour and sparkle is required. Features include gobo wheel with 6 rotating, indexable, replaceable gobos + open; colour wheel with 11 dichroic filters + open; remote focus, rotating prism, frost effect and dimmer and shutter.

Colour wheel: 11 dichroic filters + open
Gobo wheel: 6 rotating, indexable, replaceable gobos + open
Prism: 3-facet prism rotating in both directions at different speeds
Effects: Frost filter and 3200K/5600K correction filters
Dimmer/Shutter: Full range dimming and variable strobe effect
Focus: Motorized focus
Lamp: Compact high-pressure metal halide lamp
Base: GY9.5
Approved models: Osram HSD 250/80, Philips MSD 250/2, Sylvania BA 250/2
Control: Automatic and remote on/off
Ballast: Magnetic
Standard objective: 15°
AC 208/230/240V, 50/60Hz
500VA at 230V/50Hz

Height: 346 mm - bracket horizontal
Width: 306 mm
Depth: 629 mm
Weight: 16 kg